3 ways to unleash creative thinking in your kid

Pablo Picasso once said every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once they grow up. Children are naturally creative thinkers. They are full of curiosity, and don’t we know that curiosity is the mother of invention? This innate quality to question things and then derive solutions is what childhood and innocence are all about.

But with time, children are losing the art of questioning and deriving creative solutions. confusing? So as adults and parents, what should we do? How can we reignite that spark? How can we help them become creative thinkers once again? Most parents today are worried and search on google – how to make my child more creative? Let’s explore a few ways to enhance the creativity of your child.

Curiosity – Question, question, and let them ask more questions.

When we question children, they like to think of an answer. Leave them with a question and let them come back with an answer. Let them cross-question you. You will begin to notice that they are thinking. That is the first step towards creativity – questioning the possibility. Expose them to stories with open endings. Let them interpret the ending and come up with possible conclusions. Don’t shun their unconventional ideas.

Engage with children to understand their thoughts. Growing up is fun, both for parents as well as children. The challenge begins when changing thought patterns, thinking capabilities, emotional resilience, and persistence go unidentified as characteristics of development. As parents, we need to continuously engage with our children. Stimulate their creative quotient, help them become problem-solvers, help them identify their emotions, and communicate them better. This will also encourage them to think out of the box.

Beginners Mindset – Inculcate love for learning

Learning is not automatic but a skill that can be developed. There is immense joy in learning that can help children become better decision-makers and creative and critical thinkers. While parents are thinking about how to make their children more creative, they must focus on ways to enhance their creativity. Maximum development of creative enhancement in a child happens in the first 12 years of their lives. These are the foundation years and the brain can assimilate unimaginable information through the exposure it is given. Shaping up the brain in formative years can help children become creative thinkers, problem solvers, and effective communicators.

Showcasing creativity – Opt for creativity-enhancing platforms

Children need opportunities to express themselves in different ways and as elders, it is our duty to provide them with maximum exposure and platforms where they can use their imagination and try new things. Numerous courses for enhancing creativity in kids are available online that can help kids hone their skills. These include fun activities like games, quizzes, crosswords, quests, and so on, giving children an opportunity to learn and enhance their creativity skills. To know more, you can contact us.

An ideal growth strategy for any child is to offer them a platform for open conversations without any fear of criticism. Give feedback that promotes the exploration of alternate viewpoints, contextualization and deep thinking.


As a parent, we know you want your child to be creative. We hope these tips have helped you understand what your kid needs to develop creative thinking. It’s time to unleash their unlimited creative potential!


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